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Many 16mm film prints in our Gospel Films Archive require some level of restoration prior to packaging and worldwide distribution. Film restorations require enhanced Rank Cintel and Wet Gate technology. Here is a "before and after" sample of how the process works for one needy GFA film: "Man on a Skate Board."

Restoration Banner

Mr. Big (1968/color/28m Family Films)
This is an imaginative tale of redemption concerning an arrogant wealthy man suddenly confronted by his prideful attitude following an arrest for drunken driving. Confined to a two-man cell, “Mr. Big” is suddenly caught up in a nightmare world where his money and power have no influence. His cellmate, a former “Mr. Big” himself, is now a Christian with words of wisdom about the need for humility and spiritual values. A cast of familiar faces greatly enhances the experience.

A Time to Speak (1966/color/27m Family Films)
Joe Brent is passionate about his Christian faith and doesn’t hesitate to share it. Conflict emerges when his daughter brings her boyfriend home on a visit from college and is embarrassed by Joe’s consistent Christian witnessing. This sensitive drama poses the question: is belief in Christ as the Savior “a person’s own private business” or “is there a time to speak.”

Children of the World (1967/color/28m Cathedral Films)
The narrator sets the tone for this compelling documentary filmed on location in Africa, India, Hong Kong and Mexico: “Let the little children come unto Me.” But today, how well do we hear them? What are we doing to bring children to Him? To feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, teach them as Jesus would have us do. Powerful images punctuate this record of the struggle for survival among the world’s poor children in 1967.

Man on a Skateboard (1969/color/20m Family Films)
This is the inspiring true story of Alvin Burke, a severely handicapped man who, having no legs and just one arm, traveled on a skateboard and achieved amazing victory over tremendous handicaps. His story is sensitively told in his own words. We observe Alvin’s daily life, his work as a newspaper vendor and the strength of his Christian faith. “There’s nothing I can’t do, except dance!” The film challenges us to be thankful for what we have.

Song of the Shining Mountains(1955/color/30m/Broadcasting and Film Commission)
Andy Red Cloud loses faith in himself, his future and his God, when his family falls on desperate times. When Andy turns to the superstitions of his ancestors, the Mission continues its ministry, and Andy discovers that God’s promises cannot be set aside by human wrong-doing.

Just a Stranger (circa 1964/color/36m Jan Sadlo Films)
This thought-provoking drama explores the subject of Christian witness and personal evangelism. A shy writer assigned to do a survey of a local church is a houseguest of a Christian family belonging to the church he is writing about. Only the youngest son thinks to inquire about the writer’s faith, and whether he is a believer, until it is too late.


Here are some examples of films in the archive which have been partially restored
but await further upgrade to high definition.

Tongues of Fire (1958/color/27m Cathedral films)
This is the true story of the Mission to Hawaii that introduced Christianity to the Island. This colorful docudrama was exquisitely photographed on locations in Hawaii to reenact the story of Kapiolani -- one of the true heroines of Christian history. Here, told just as it happened, and photographed in her native Hawaii where it occurred, is Kapiolani's story.

Lincoln Speaks for Himself (1955) Christopher Films
This long-lost Christopher Film is a major discovery by Gospel Films Archive. The film features excerpts from many of his famous speeches as performed by actor Reed Hadley (Public Defender, Racket Squad) who makes for a surprisingly good Lincoln.

Empty Shoes (1956) Southern Baptist Convention
This expertly produced and colorful docudrama relates the life of William Carey, considered by many to be the "Father of modern missions." Carey is highly regarded for his mid-18th century groundbreaking missionary work in India, his translation of the Bible into many languages and dialects, and as co-founder of the Baptist Missionary Society.

My Name is Han (1948) Protestant Film Commission
A superbly crafted dramatization of a Chinese farmer and his family who return to their land after the war to find it devastated. Han considers Christianity foolish until events bring about his conversion. Exquisitely photographed on-location in China, this film stands as a powerful witness to the effectiveness of Christian missionary work worldwide.

Front Page Bible (1959) Family Films
A cast of familiar faces in an inspired newspaper drama from Family Films. The plot is about a young couple who blatantly mix politics and religion in an effort to turn around the Greenwood Herald, their historic small town newspaper.

Betrayed (1951) Gospel Films
Christian filmmaker Ken Anderson wrote and directed this impressive film about a mother who refuses to listen to anything concerning Jesus Christ or the Bible. The prologue text during the credits sets the stage for this melodrama: "The tragic story of a boy whose parents gave him everything, except the one thing he needed most."

Korea (1953) Gospel Films
In 1953 Christian filmmaker Ken Anderson wrote and produced this impressive documentary for his company Gospel Films. It is one of the few films photographed in color on-location in Korea during the Korean War.

Beyond Our Own (1947) Protestant Film Commission
Rare religious film starring DeForest Kelly ("Bones" on Star Trek) as a doctor who has left his practice in America to become a missionary. The plot concerns his lawyer brother who is so preoccupied with his law career that his world collapses when his son is killed in an accident. Lawyer brother finds Christ when he travels to visit his missionary brother.

We Too Receive (1944) Cathedral Films
A downed American pilot in New Guinea is rescued by a Christian native in this little-known Cathedral Films production. "All things work together" to save the pilot and the film ends with a rousing rendition by the natives of "Onward Christian Soldier."

Two Sons (1955) Family films
Rare religious film co-stars Angie Dickinson. Two sons of an idealistic district attorney must choose allegiance either to their Christian father or an ambitious racketeer. Ms Dickinson appears here two decades before her debut as Officer "Pepper" on Police Woman.