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In 2015 a group of longtime classic film industry associates, friends and admirers of filmmaker Rolf Forsberg joined forces to honor him by respectfully restoring, reissuing and forever preserving his distinguished film legacy. In Feb 2017 production was at last completed on the first volume in the Rolf Forsberg Legacy Collection. Showcased in Vol 1 is the fully restored widescreen version of Forsberg's landmark Parable (1964). Included also is The Antkeeper (1966), Ark (1970) and One Friday (1973). Film descriptions and scenes from the films are accessible at the buttons on the left.

In Dec. 2012, Parable was added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. In June 2013, UCLA paid tribute to Rolf and his film legacy with a special screening of these four films at the Billy Wilder Theater in L.A. The program was called "The Outre World of Rolf Forsberg.
Rolf attended as the Guest of Honor.

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